Corporate Culture



1st Theory: Belief
   Xinguangzheng Co, will be a great company, core is we must have great belief. If we have belief, we have orientation. If we have belief, we have power of spirit. If we have belief, we could be a force of power, force of steel and force of success. Belief is our core value, belief is our valuable sense, belief is without suspicion, belief is unlimited loyalty, belief is never giving up. This is sufficient condition of our successful business!
2nd Theory: Dream
Staff of Xinguangzheng Co. always have great dream: to be global modern management benchmarking company, to be world No.1 steel structure company, to fulfill the mission of society benefit, staff achievement, making customer more welfare, making company more durable.
    Quality Enhancement, Management Perfection, Company Vitalism and State Patriotism, Mission Achievement
3rd Theory: Asset
Xinguangzheng has two big parts of asset: Employee and Customer! 
Employee, who can deliver result, is our first biggest asset, hence, we will train more employees with asset trait; 
Customer is our second biggest asset, because customer is our parent for eating and wearing, we must admire customer from deep heart, making customer more satisfied with product and service.
4th Theory: Value
   Meaning for existence of company is to generate value for society, customer, enterprise, staff and shareholder. Because only value can be exchanged, this is rule of market economy. 
     Therefore, our main aim is: to undertake social responsibility, develop entrepreneurial platform, centralized cooperative team, self-perfection, co-creative wealth.
5th Theory: Honesty
     Honesty is occupational bottom line of our existence.
     Being man with simplicity, doing thing with heart. Being honest against staff, being honest against customer. Commitment must be in line with practice. Do not commit arbitrarily, do not speak arbitrarily, do not spread arbitrarily, being responsible for own words and behavior.
     Honesty is our biggest asset accumulation. Honesty is our one piece of precious wealth. Any behavior without honesty is to dig one’s own grave.
6th Theory: Intelligence
     During today’s standardized commercial competition our team should always keep passion, practicality, gratitude, transcendence. During today’s incipient commercial civilization our team should always implement altruism consciousness, service consciousness, value consciousness and contract consciousness. Developing good working habit, living habit, constantly reliability.
     During today’s globalized information sharing we must form thinking pattern with starting point of result, behavioral pattern with love creation of result, to develop entrepreneurial platform, copy result and share interest.
     This is our commercial intelligence of sustainable development.
7th Theory: Endurance
     The competition of companies is not who runs faster, but who lasts longer, comparison is constant endurance. We are not in hurry to make a lot of money, because market needs to be developed, because making money needs accumulation of time and competence. Because we do not want to betray future due to immediate interests. We do not expand business of scale easily, because our practical view is: if you want to cherish high aspiration, you need to come down to earth. We do not overcome counterparty, because we do not treat any peer as counterparty.
     We firmly believe “sustainable development is real development”.
8th Theory: Performance
     We believe “Figures is the most beautiful language”.
Performance is return of your competence and attitude. Speaking with figures and proving with facts.
     “No pains no gains” is an eternal rule. How much wealth in life depends on
how much you pay. Although option is more important than effort, without hardworking pay above ordinary people failure comes no matter how good option is. Performance is team-backed, team is culture-backed, culture is ambition-backed, ambition is investment-backed.
9th Theory: Brand
Why Xinguangzheng Co., Ltd. can be enterprise with hundred years, because we have state-of-the-art cultural concept, strong brand consciousness.
Brand is the most precious wealth of company. We have been built brand unswervingly. Gungzheng staff should never be blundering, never behave to hurt brand.
Building brand, taking right way.
10th Theory: ution
“Do not talk about face-saving before regulations”, “Do not talk about network before principle”, “Do not dispute, go ahead to ute”. “Be obedient, all actions obey command”. “Obeying is best ution” is rigid demand of our team discipline. We hate announce good news and hold back bad news during ution.
“Lower level obeys higher up” is to respect position. Obeying mobilization, obeying overall situation, obeying order, obeying criticism, obeying management is not only army style, but also scientific management philosophy.
11th Theory: Learning
Our most core competitiveness is only constantly learning.
First learning to be man, learning skill, learning to service, learning management.
Learning daily, learning weekly, learning monthly, this is magic method for our constantly improvement.
There is no direct means for reference, learning is only way.
Making learning become a kind of faith, going through learning to the end.
12th Theory: High Tension Line Management
High Tension Line Management is behavioral bottom line, which our value cannot stand.
Lies, frauds, corruption, rot, betraying company interest is our High Tension Line Management, enterprise is not breeding ground to breed such behavior, our team cannot stand appearance of such behavior, furthermore, someone with such behavior will not be allowed existing in enterprise.



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